Transformers Regeneration One #94发售 暨 预览 【来看老通被痛扁】


CYBERTRON UNDER SIEGE! As BLUDGEON’s Blitz Engines wreak havoc, the AUTOBOTS struggle to muster a response to a threat that feels all too close to home! But their "greatest warrior," ULTRA MAGNUS, has problems of his own… in the shape of a fighting mad GALVATRON. It’s the clash of titans you’ve (almost) never seen before!

Data related to the release of this issue. Publisher IDW
Type Comic Book
Series Transformers Regeneration One
Issue # 94
Release Status Released
Release Date August 2013

Info on the print run and covers for this issue.
Has Incentive / Variant? Yes
Incentive / Variant Description Regeneration One #94 features one incentive cover. One copy of the incentive cover was provided for every ten copies ordered through Diamond Comic Distributors.
Total # of Covers 3

Review Submitted By: Tim Formas

Over the first year of the Regeneration One series, reviews of the series by fans were split. As the series continued on lately, some of the multiple storylines featured in the series have been resolved and others have merged. As this occurs and the majority of action moves towards Cybertron, the series has regained fans and builds momentum with every issue.

Last issue, both Bludgeon and Soundwave begin their attack on the Autobot forces after the Autobot communication system in crippled. Starscream and Galvatron battle for control of the Ark while returning to Cybertron. While Galvatron is ejected from the ship, he later arrives on Cybertron and attacks Ultra Magnus. In the depths of the Sonic Canyons, Hot Rod and the remaining Dinobots are surprised to find Grimlock alive (after having fallen down the canyons after the final battle with Scorponok). However, they soon find out that it is Primus who has possessed Grimlock’s body! As Regeneration One #94 begins, the battle between Galvatron and Ultra Magnus continues. Meanwhile in the Sonic Canyons, Hot Rod begins to talk with Primus and discovers there is something special about him. Back on the surface of Cybertron, the Autobots pull out all stops against the two-pronged Decepticon attack lead by Bludgeon onboard Warworld and Soundwave on the surface.

As writer, Simon Furman continues to keep up the roll he has been on with the series recently. The battle between Galvatron and Ultra Magnus takes up the majority of the issue, with both fighters taking on major damage but surviving. The action feels very much like an action movie scene that moves along different locales while surviving through extreme circumstances. Simon also expresses well the dire circumstances on Cybertron, with Decepticon forces attacking on major fronts. He also sets up several upcoming battles between long-time foes. Meanwhile, Simon is able to tie Hot Rod’s story into those that will be featured as part of next month’s Regeneration One #0.

Guido Guidi is on art again after having taken over for Andrew Wildman last issue. His art continues to impress, providing a more robotic feel to the Transformers than featured in the Wildman issues. John-Paul Bove’s colors shine in this issue, as he shows off his dramatic differences between light and shading.

Over the last few issues, Regeneration One has found its groove and is marching on a great note towards the last major arc of the series. With next month’s “retro” flashback to Regeneration One #0, the hope is that such a dramatic shift in the story will not ruin the momentum that has been gained lately.

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